About RDH

We are a startup that believes your shopping experience in the supermarket can be improved with some of the advantages of online shopping. For this we have created an app that makes it easier for you to buy in the supermarket, helps you taking more informed decisions and obtain exclusive promotions for you.
For this to work you have to scan and validate your shopping receipts, for which we can reward you at specific times.

It is a Red Cross and Civil Protection campaign to avoid contagion among the most vulnerable, offered by neighbors. At RobinDataHood we join the initiative by facilitating the location and contact between neighbors for tasks such as going shopping, to the pharmacy, or simply letting them know that they have someone close to them in case of any need. As a user of an app for Responsible Consumers today your responsibility is more than ever with your neighbors.


To sign up you must download the app from the AppStore or the Google Play. Once you download it you must register with your email. Follow the process and you will receive a registration confirmation email. From then on you can be part of the RobinDataHood family!

You can share the RobinDataHood app with the “Share” option on the main menu. There you can choose to you send it by social networks, mail, whatsapp, etc.

If your friends live nearby, you can both benefit from the price comparator functionality to find the cheapest supermarket for your products closest to you

Using the app

We currently accept receipts from the main Spanish supermarket brands: Ahorramas, Alcampo, Aldi, Alimerka, Bonarea, Bonpreu, Caprabo, Carrefour, Clarel, Coaliment, Condis, Consum, Coviran, Dia, Dinosol, El Corte Inglés, Eroski, Jespac , Keisy, Lidl, Mercadona, Sorli, Suma and Supercor.
We also have another category of supermarkets with a smaller presence that we include under the other category, and we will gradually incorporate them as independent supermarkets, such as those previously mentioned.
If your usual supermarket is not on this list, let us know and we will incorporate it as soon as possible.

While shopping you can consult all the personalised product information: ingredients, allergens and the effect on your health and your loved ones. You can also review your shopping list so no products are get forgotten.

Personal shopping receipts from the main supermarket chains in the last 15 days. The receipt must be in good condition and include the supermarket, aññ products, the total amount and the date in the receipt. Adjust the receipt to the width of the mobile screen and take more than one photo if the receipt is too long and does not fit all in one screen. We also accept digital receipts from the main supermarket apps. Tickets are personal and non-transferable.

These are the products that you can review if we don’t get it right the first time. Scroll right to see suggested products, if none of these you can add it manually either from the search bar, by scanning the barcode or by assigning a generic product. If you move the line to the left you can delete that line if it does not correspond to a product line.
The products in green cannot be edited, you can enter the product file to scan its barcode from there.

RobinDataHood captures information about your consumption and negotiates exclusive offers for you. Brands and supermarkets chains want to promote consumers that shop like you and we make it possible.

At RobinDataHood we make it easy for you to take more informed decisions on your daily shopping and the effect of many small decisions on your health, well-being, savings and the environment. We calculate all this information for you and present it in a simple and personalized way, so that you can easily decide what to buy being a little more aware of your decisions.

RobinDataHood assigns you a number when you sign up. We take privacy very seriously, so we don’t ask for personal data and we don’t sell data to third parties. The brands and supermarkets that collaborate with RobinDataHood share our philosophy, and most importantly, they do not need access to any personal data in order to offer personalized offers. Nevertheless, if you decide to leave us, you can ask us to delete your data.

Promotions and cashback

Once you reach €20, from ‘My tickets’ screen by clicking on your balance in the upper right margin, click on redeem to choose the payment method you prefer.

You can obtain cashback from promotions according to the conditions present in the description of each promo.

We frequently launch other campaigns that generate cashback. Pay attention to our social networks and the news in the app.

We try to review them immediately, but don’t worry, if for any reason there is a delay, your promo does not expire, it is validated by the date of your purchase.

If a promotion is not recognized when you upload a shopping receipt, please check that it meets the conditions of the promo. Sometimes the description of the product on the receipt is not clear enough to validate it, which is why some promos ask to include a photo of the product at the end of the receipt scan or to scan the product’s barcode.

If the product is the one promoted and we have not recognized it, put the receipt under review specifying the product in question and we will review it as soon as possible.

App operating problems

  • Old receipt: ticket entered more than 15 days after the purchase date.
  • Receipt Without a Date: the date is not visible or does not appear on the image.
  • It is not a supermarket receipt: a receipt from an establishment that is not one of the main supermarket chains, such as clothing stores, gas stations, perfume shops, drug stores, local businesses, supermarkets that are not on our list, etc.
  • Unrecognizable receipt: receipt not accepted due to its poor condition or print quality. We recommend that you take good care of your them so that we can recognize it more easily.
  • Unrecognizable but recoverable receipt: accepted due to the quality of the photograph, but we can accept it if you enter it again in the app according to the capture instructions.
  • Tampered receipt: if the receipt has any graffiti on it.