Price comparator

Now we find the best prices nearby where you shop! Invite your local contacts and you will be able to compare your products with similar products bought in supermarkets in your neighborhood!

With the price comparator you can access the best prices based on your consumption.

How does it work:

  • Update your ZIP Code by entering your profile or on the map so that we can select the closest supermarkets.
  • Upload your usual shopping receipts in the supermarket and we will compare your products with other similar ones bought by other users in your area and save on your day to day.
  • Click on the arrow * ˅ * to see a list of products similar to yours and their price, compared to yours.
  • Click on the product photo to see the product sheet, with all the necessary information for a healthier and more responsible purchase.
  • If you are missing any product in the list, go back to your ticket and edit it (swiping to the right on the product line that is not correctly assigned).
  • Invite your contacts to access many more products with which to compare and thus save. The more of us, the better for everyone!

Enter now and enjoy the best products at the best price!